Developers push for Wemple projects

Infrastructure improvements at the intersection would also include the extension of water and sewer lines, with the cost hopefully shared by all parties interested in development at the intersection. There was a brief conversation at the committee meeting about all parties involved picking up their fair share of the infrastructure costs, but no formal proposals have been made thus far.

“We try to have every department at these committee meetings, so that everyone knows what’s going on,” said Ritz.

A third player has also emerged at the intersection. Tom Lewis, a representative from Saratoga Springs-based Stewart’s Shops, told the committee that the company believes the area will continue to grow in the future. Lewis said he’s “fairly certain” that Stewart’s is going to submit a formal application to build a store at the corner of Wemple Road and Route 9W. He assured members that there is enough business for the store to also maintain its two other locations along Route 9W.

It’s unclear if all of the projects will gain approval, or which one would be developed first. Engineers for the Gordon Development said that they have been working with the State Department of Environmental Conservation, as well as the Army Corps of Engineers, on issues pertaining to wetlands conservation. A traffic study would also need to be completed before development moved forward.

Wemple Corners developers are about to undertake an environmental study that would include traffic impacts.

Ritz said it is likely that “all studies would be done by next spring.”

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RichardReevesEllington 4 years ago

AS the planning board and subsequently, the town board look at expanding apartment development, there are three considerations for citizens to ponder: are there going to be tax breaks and if so how much and for how long? What are the infrastructure costs that the town might incur, including water and sewer, road construction and later costs, police costs: Finally, what do all these apartments mean for Bethlehem sense of community?

Mr Clarkson tells us they are good for the tax base, but are they? He says that they will keep seniors who want to downsize in Bethlehem. But will they? Most are not handicap friendly. He finally says that young people will move here and then buy. After visiting three of these developments, I find most younger people are not interested in home ownership. Many have been burnt and only want to "own nothing". We need some major citizen inputs into this issue.

For more please seen my website bethlehemsupervisor.com. If you want to have active citizen participation, vote for Richard Reeves-Ellington for Bethlehem Town Supervisor.


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