R’dam hopefuls draw lines

LWV Candidates Forum shows three distinct party choices

— “There is no way, the way we are going, it is ever going to work. We need to cut costs somewhere,” DelGallo said. “If we don’t cut taxes, cut services, stop taking from the fund balance, stop raising taxes, we are never going to make it.”

McGarry said he would look into adopting a plan to have department heads and the supervisor come together on how to achieve cost savings and set a tone for fiscal responsibility in town government and services.

“The supervisor’s job, it seems to me, is to set a global tone of fiscal conservatism and then seek out the experts in their field,” McGarry said.

As far as consolidation, McGarry said he would have to look over any proposal to make sure efficiency and cost savings would be achieved.

During closing statements, McGarry said some of his supporters accuse him of being “too humble,” but he is always struck by residents’ inability to cover the basics. He said controlling costs in the town would be his main focus.

DelGallo said he has never had any help since he “wasn’t a politician,” but said he would continue to act in the town’s best interests and cut costs.

“You have got to have the backbone to stand up and stick to what you are saying you are going to do,” DelGallo said. “You have to do what has to be done to keep the business going and if this town wants to keep going it’ll listen to me … in 2013 you’ll see I’m right.”

Buffardi said his collective experiences make him uniquely qualified to be supervisor and he noted the support he received from not only the Democratic endorsement, but also three others parties.

“I believe that I can successfully turn this government around in the Town of Rotterdam and bring quality government to the residents as they deserve.”

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