R’dam hopefuls draw lines

LWV Candidates Forum shows three distinct party choices

Board candidates voice differences

— The Town Board candidates played on similar notes of fiscal responsibility as Democrat incumbent Wayne Calder and newcomer Democrat Mike Viscusi separated themselves from Republican candidates Christopher Tomaselli and Joseph Villano. Rotterdam First Party candidate Delores Doriguzzi was absent to due to health reasons, said a representative from the LWV, and the league appeared to be expecting William Cooke, also from RFP, but he was absent.

Viscusi said he would work with other board members, listen to residents’ concerns and be their voice in town government.

“It is time to bring honesty, integrity and accountability back into local government and I can do that with your help,” Viscusi said.

Villano said being a political newcomer allows him to be separated from special interest and provide a fresh perspective to town issues.

“I am able to look forward with clear eyes,” Villano said. “Somebody with those clear eyes is going to have to make the tough decisions to reexamine every budgetary line and try to find the waste in those budget lines.”

Also, Tomaselli said people should remember where candidates from each party have previously stood on issues. The Republican and New No Tax Party members, he said, would be the best decision moving forward.

Calder said town Democrats have been running as a team this election, because the team has the same vision for the community and work together well.

“Our team can work together and without working together things don’t happen,” Calder said. “I spent the last 10 months in a very difficult situation, wanting to accomplish much more than I did.”

Calder said the current town board is “dysfunctional” and he dislikes being “painted with that brush,” but if the Democrats are elected he knows they can work together and accomplish a lot.

“If you don’t have a team with you, you don’t accomplish anything,” Calder said.

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