Letter: Clarkson has experience to lead

Editor, The Spotlight:

In my view, John Clarkson is far and away the best choice for Bethlehem Town Supervisor. Having had the privilege to have served as Supervisor myself, I know that John has the right qualities for the job, including excellent professional qualifications, people skills, consensus building ability and real leadership qualities.

As many people know, I no longer live in Bethlehem, having moved to Florida. But I still care deeply about the Town, still have many friends there, and come back to visit often. Bethlehem residents have always demanded the best from elected officials and during these challenging times want a leader who is above petty politics and will get the job done.

I came to know John well over the two years I co-chaired the “2020” Citizens Advisory group, and we also have many professional connections and personal friends in common. In the 2020 deliberations, John emerged as a leader, not only because of his expertise in government, but because he was always willing to listen and build on areas of agreement rather than letting conflicts block progress.

John Clarkson understands the difference between politics and governing, and he knows that real leadership often involves helping people get beyond their comfort zone. I know that many Bethlehem residents are struggling in this difficult economy, and the Town’s financial position has declined. Creative solutions will have to be found to maintain the outstanding services, roads and other infrastructure that residents have become accustomed to.

This will require focus and discipline, thinking “out of the box” and making some hard choices. While he’s new to politics, I’ve seen John in action, and he’s just the right sort of person to fill this bill.

My endorsement of John is non-partisan. I served as a Republican Town Supervisor. John is a Democrat, but I believe he would truly be a non-partisan leader, and will always put Town interests first, above any political concerns. I urge you to vote for John Clarkson for Supervisor on November 8th.

Kenneth J Ringler

The Villages, Fla.

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RichardReevesEllington 4 years, 3 months ago

A very strong endorsement. What is not mentioned and needs highlighting is the substrate of Albany politics as usual. First, Mr. Clarkson had many appropriate words about Mr. Kotary being cross endorsed by the GOP party in Bethlehem. Rightly so. But he had attempted cross endorsement with the conservatives, which was challenged. He is still cross endorsed by the Conservative leadership. Now an ex Supervisor, a Republican is endorsing him. Sounds like traditional Albany politics; insider government politics.

I am running as a WFP candidate, because that is where my core values are. I don't believe that a single candidate can represent two or three party core values. That is not to say that some values do cross party lines but the core philosophies are different. When there is only one candidate for several lines these differences are not explored and synthesized in ways that provide a government responsive to more citizens.

I believe in all parties have clear and open representation as determined by the citizens of the Town - not the political hierarchy.

For more about me, visit: bethlehemsupervisor.com for my political views and rreevesellington.com for more personal information.


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