Letter: Mendick has served his constituents

Editor, The Spotlight:

It is October. The time of year when our doorbells are rung not only by children "trick or treating," but by persons seeking election to local offices as well. As such, this is the time of year when we must start thinking about our elective choices for offices like our local county legislator. For my husband and I, our choice is clear...Rich Mendick. Through the past year, Rich Mendick has taken it upon himself to not only contact us, but when contacted help with issues we have encountered. He has always been professional and most importantly very responsive. It is not very often that a county official comes to the aide of people without having to be personally asked. Rich Mendick provides a voice of reason, is for the people, and he is a proven person of action. For example, we had an issue with idling trains in our neighborhood and Rich Mendick worked on our behalf, even though it wasn't a county issue, to see the situation come to a resolution which satisfied all parties involved. In another instance, we had a busing problem regarding our disabled son. Just one call to Rich Mendick and we were put on the right path to getting that situation resolved. My husband and I feel that Rich Mendick is clearly on the side of the constituent and does his part to see that our community is well-served. Rich Mendick has also made a difference helping us and our neighbors. Rich Mendick is a true representative to our community and that is why on this election day, we will be supporting Rich Mendick as our choice for Albany County Legislatgor and we hope you will too.

Kimberly A. and Michael D. Taylor


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