Letter: Say no to political puppets in election

Editor, The Spotlight,

The Bethlehem Democrats who voted in the September 13 primary chose wisely when they elected John Clarkson to be their party’s nominee for Town Supervisor. Very likely, a substantial number of the people who voted did not like the idea of having the same candidate on both major party lines, and, I hope that they were deeply concerned that Bethlehem could become at Dan O’Connell style political machine town.

But how will people decide to vote for the two Councilmen seats that are up for election this year? Some people would answer, “I don’t know anything about the candidates for Councilmen, so I will vote for the candidates of my party.” But I say, “Think again!”

To vote for Kyle Kotary, Joann Dawson, and Jeffrey Kuhn is a vote to turn the town over to the unelected Democratic bosses.

To vote for Clarkson, Dawson, and Kuhn is a vote for a Supervisor who is independent, and four Councilmen who are Democratic bosses’ henchmen. This is the situation we have had with Sam Messina and the Town Board for the last two years. There have been mean-spirited meetings, and times when it appeared the Councilmen were deliberately trying to prevent things, for which Sam could take credit, from happening. The falling of bricks from the roof of Town Hall is one of the results of the Councilmen’s lack of cooperation!

A better idea would be to vote for Clarkson and the two Republican candidates, Jeremy Martelle and Jeremy Near. Mark Jordan will resign from his seat to become a Town Justice, and the Town Board will select a new Councilman to replace him. (With two Democrats and two Republicans that would get interesting!) We would end up with three, four, or maybe even five factions on the Town Board, instead of the present two. The Board members would talk to each other, make compromises, and form coalitions. They would get things done. They would vote independently, as they should. Only one of the current Councilmen would still be there, and, just maybe he will have learned his lesson – the people do not want puppets on the Town Board.

Nancy A. Benedict


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