Spotlight on Clifton Park candidates

— “This is one area where sharing of services does work,” said Barrett. “When it comes to Clifton Park and the police force, we have one. We have a well-trained force with contracts with State Police and Saratoga County deputies. We have our security force that’s taken on a larger role.”

The question circling the Town Board as of late is whether or not the town would change the supervisor position to full-time, following the vacancy of a town administrator position in March that still remains unfilled.

Barrett said the “only decision” the Town Board has made on this issue is that there will be somebody full-time.

“We have two options. The first is to fill the town administrator job. The second would be to combine the position into one full-time position,” said Barrett. “Combined full-time [salary] at $90,000, that’s far smaller than other municipalities with full-time supervisors.”

Whalen said the Town Board should do a cost-benefit analysis before arriving at a decision.

Hughes said moving to a full-time supervisor would actually save the town around $32,000.

“We’re always trying to do more with less when it comes to protecting taxpayer dollars,” said Hughes.

O’Connor said he supports the concept of a full-time supervisor but didn’t feel the Town Board made the issue clear to the public.

“The problem is the process,” said O’Connor.

Clifton Park presently has no town tax and audience members wanted to know if candidates would publicly commit to continuing that practice.

Hughes said “100 percent, unequivocally” he would continue with no town tax.

“I think it’s been a hallmark of this administration,” said Hughes.

Barrett said the town has been able to maintain no town tax because of a smart approach to town finances.

“We have properly structured the town’s finances for several years. Years ago, we eradicated all town debt and saved for a rainy day. We didn’t recklessly spend,” said Barrett.

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