Clarkson best suited to save Bethlehem taxpayers money

Letter to the editor

— Editor, The Spotlight:

I am writing to urge voters in the Town of Bethlehem to join me in working to elect John Clarkson as the town’s next supervisor. I gave John his first job in State Government in 1980 and can attest that he is a very creative and highly talented person who is uniquely suited to serve as our Town Supervisor in this era of economic uncertainty at state and national levels.

I have been impressed by the quality of Bethlehem’s town government and the men and women who have served as Town Supervisor since I moved into the town in 1984. I appreciate the many outstanding programs and services developed by our elected officials and civil service staff. At the current time, we need an exceptionally talented person to help us figure out how to continue the programs that have made this town a special place in which to live and to meet emerging challenges.

More than 30 years ago, when I was working as an Assistant Chief Budget Examiner in the Education Unit of the NYS Budget Division, I received a call from a Rockefeller College professor who said he had an excellent graduate student intern for our office: John Clarkson.

A few months later the Education Unit in the Budget Division needed a full-time employer and John was hired. I believe that he was put on the roster of full-time state employees more rapidly that any other graduate student intern I ever supervised.

John Clarkson’s subsequent rapid rise through increasingly more important positions in state government showed that others have shared my evaluation of his skills and abilities.

In my volunteer work as an advocate for older seniors in the Capital District, I have been constantly told that Bethlehem’s public - private senior van transportation system is regarded as the best in the area. The Foundation buys the cars and vans, volunteers are drivers, and Town staff members administer the program.

John Clarkson is ideally suited to help the town find new cost-effective ways to use public private partnerships to improve service to town residents. He has already asked me to give me more information about programs for seniors tried in other areas.

I strongly believe John Clarkson is the man that the Town of Bethlehem needs as its leader in the next two years.

Lois Wilson


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