Clarkson brings experience, fairness and respect to the table

Letter to the editor

Editor, The Spotlight:

We are writing to express our firm support for John Clarkson as the Supervisor of the Town of Bethlehem.

We have each worked with him and learned first-hand that he is a person of unquestionable integrity. He has broad experience in public policy and understands politics and the art of compromise. He incorporates humor and good will into all his dealings. He is what Bethlehem needs, now and in the coming years, to counteract the bitterness of the recent past and to help us ensure an even brighter future for our community.

John’s state service included budget analysis, economic development, local government policy, and education reform, to mention a few areas of expertise. He would bring to the position of Supervisor a mature understanding of our tax structure and its potential to encourage appropriate growth while stabilizing its effects on homeowners. With two children of his own, he is sensitive to both the quality of education available in our community and the resources required for its support. At the same time, he is also sensitive to those who are on fixed incomes and who, of necessity, question tax increases and demand to thoroughly understand them.

As we learned when working with him, John is able to craft a balance between competing needs and priorities which neglects no party, no position. Such capacity to compromise is a rare skill and is essential in this time of intense partisan politics on all levels of government. Voters should take advantage of Clarkson’s candidacy for many reasons, but chief among them is his capacity for respecting his opponents. There is no one with whom John will not seek to build a strong working relationship. Resulting decisions and policies are much stronger for his capacity to demand consensus of himself and others.

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