Clarkson brings experience, fairness and respect to the table

Letter to the editor

No locality exists in isolation. As the world shrinks, the effects of economic and political realities in one area influence the habits and patterns in others. Every community is tied to regional, state, national, and international interests. Clarkson’s experience at the state level exposed him to regional and broader concerns. It is essential to see our community in its larger context. In some areas, Bethlehem’s efficiency may be improved through shared services. We need to know how to take advantage of state government interest in this area, including new grant and incentive programs.

We would be remiss if we were to support John Clarkson only because of his professional accomplishments and his keen mind. We also support his candidacy because of what kind of human being he is and how that influences his decisions.

His congenial attitude, his objectivity and fairness, and his kind humor were not lost on those of us who worked with him. Whether our work required us to be adversaries or accomplices, John treated us all the same: graciously, intelligently, and respectfully. For these reasons, we would like the opportunity to vote for John Clarkson, and we urge all Bethlehem voters to do so as well.

Susan and Peter Keitel


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