Conservatives providing choice where there would be none

Letter to the editor

— Editor, The Spotlight:

I read with great amusement the recent letter that was sent to The Spotlight by Ben Conboy, Chairman of the Bethlehem Conservative Committee.

In his usual fashion, the facts and assertions in Mr. Conboy’s letter are riddled with inaccuracies and half truths. As a result, his integrity has dipped lower than NASDAC or the New York Stock Exchange.

Mr. Conboy seems to be intimidated by the fact that there will be two names for voters to choose in this year’s election for Bethlehem Town Supervisor. He is adamant that the name of John Clarkson should not be on the Conservative line in the September primary.

Mr. Conboy asserts that Mr. Clarkson “manipulated and circumvented the normal nomination process and did not reflect the will of the registered party members…” I assert that the only way to determine who the voters want to represent their party in the general election is to allow them a choice.

Ben Conboy’s obvious choice in this election is Kyle Kotary, the man who, while a member of the Bethlehem Town Board, bankrupted the town’s surplus to put into the general fund, under the guise of a “balanced budget.” The good taxpayers of Bethlehem will see what that “balanced budget” actually cost the people in the years to come, and it ain’t gonna be pretty!

He also tries to paint Mr. Kotary as a fiscal conservative, which is both laughable and inaccurate, in typical Conboy fashion. You don’t make the financial decisions in the short term that Mr. Kotary has made to look good in the long term and call yourself a fiscal conservative.

Mr. Conboy also contends that Mr. Clarkson has “strong Working Families Party affiliations.” I challenge Mr. Conboy to produce one letter of endorsement or one financial contribution that was made to Mr. Clarkson by the Working Families Party. In fact, Mr. Clarkson has never run for public office prior to this year. He will bring a new face and an energetic agenda to Bethlehem when he is elected Town Supervisor.

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