Kotary part of an ‘obstructionist’ Town Board

Letter to the editor

— Editor, The Spotlight:

The fact that Kyle Kotary’s campaign “war chest” contains over $8,100 is not a confidence builder for us.

Does that make him a better candidate for Town Supervisor? We think not. Kyle Kotary has the backing of the Bethlehem Democratic Committee which can provide clout, influence and legal expertise to obstruct competition from other candidates. Let’s have a fair playing field and see who wins the day.

Regarding Kyle Kotary’s qualifications for Town Supervisor, we cannot support a candidate who has been part of a truly obstructionist Town Board.

This Board is discouragingly similar in fashion to Congressional Republicans in Washington, fighting the leadership on just about every issue, even things that have never been issues for past Town Supervisors. Examples of the Board’s “just say no” approaches include the Supervisor’s discretionary funds, replacement lights at the Town Park’s tennis courts and Town Hall repairs, repairs that, incidentally, would have prevented the catastrophe at Town Hall in the Spring had the funds been approved earlier by the Town Board.

In fact, every initiative, proposal, and idea presented to the Board by Supervisor Messina has been negatively received and summarily rejected by the Board upon which Kyle Kotary sits. We can only surmise that we are dealing with a bad case of “sour grapes” because Sam Messina bucked the party pols by being an independent voice and not one of the “good old boys.”

There is no place for such partisan and petty politics in Bethlehem or anywhere else for that matter. We have witnessed enough of it in Washington and it not only disgraces and degrades our political system but more important it obstructs progress and the ability to help the people and serve the common good.

In John Clarkson we see an individual who has an extensive background in government, especially in management and budget and working on local government issues.

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