Four-wheeling for healing

Latham family finds a unique way to take a child’s mind off of illness

Dan Quaglieri gives a ride to a family in his RZR four-wheeler on Lake George

Dan Quaglieri gives a ride to a family in his RZR four-wheeler on Lake George

— “One girl wasn’t vocal but would give the thumbs up,” she said. “And one guy would keep putting his thumbs up, up and up. The kids just communicate as to how much fun they’re having. Most rides will go for an hour or two and then we supply the lunch.”

The participating families meet the Quaglieri’s out in Nassau where the trails are. If the families are local then they can follow the Quaglieri’s to the trails. They’ll even reach out to other four-wheeling clubs in the state and ask if people can ride with them. This can require some networking, Judy said.

The Quaglieri’s have done that by attending many other charitable events. They will sometimes help out at the event or just let people know that their organization exists. For the 5K Run for Huntington’s Disease in Guilderland, the family will go out and hand water to the runners either while they are running or when they finish the race. Judy said they will also pick up anyone having trouble walking up the hilly terrain to the race. They’ll drive up in their four-wheeler, offer them a ride, strap them in and give them a helmet

Dan said he feels great about the people they have been able to help. It makes it even more special that a family out in California had hear about what they’ve been doing and asked if they could participate. The family contacted companies out in California to make sure the family was able to experience a four-wheel ride.

“It puts smiles on their faces,” Dan said. “If the kid is into off-roading and they have fun, then that’s all I hope to really get out of it. I want to make sure they have fun and enjoy themselves.”

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