Election season rears its head during meeting

Supervisor Paula Mahan chastises Republicans for being negative over landfill agreement

— “I was just talking about myself dancing,” Molinaro said.

“Well maybe you’re dancing,” Mahan said, “but I’m not.”

The discussion continued for over a half hour as Mahan tried to grasp as to why Molinaro and Sheehan are being critical of an agreement she believes is good for the town financially. Sheehan continued to try to have Mahan say that the deficit would be at zero once the town used the upfront money from the operating agreement. Mahan and Colonie Comptroller Craig Blair would say it would “eliminate” them.

A debate also took place over whether the town got the best deal from the agreement, in which Waste Connections will pay the town $100 million over 25 years. Molinaro said a study from the town’s own engineers claimed the landfill’s worth was several hundred million dollars. He then referred to Albany County Comptroller Mike Conners’ estimate of the landfill being worth $600 million.

The numbers in the study Molinaro looked at were based off of gross income, Mahan said, and that the last column explains the landfill only brings in a net income of $918,000 per year. She also said the landfill only grosses $10 million a year, without including expense.

“It would take 60 years to get $600 million,” Mahan said. “That’s before you pay any of your employees, you run the landfill, you buy equipment, you make repairs, you make improvement and you close your landfill.”

Molinaro continued to say that he felt the town could run the landfill on its own, make necessary improvements and do a better job of running the landfill financially, a point which Mahan agreed with. Mahan, though, then asked if Molinaro had a better plan in mind.

“First of all, I still don’t have all the information that you are privy to,” he said. “I asked to open up the [Landfill Exploratory] committee so we could participate, and the answer was no.”

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