S. Col to send supplies to Schoharie

Board member calls goods collection a lesson in character education

— It’s been a month since Tropical Storm Irene swept through the Capital District, but there are several communities that are still struggling to pick up the pieces.

That is why the South Colonie Central School District, the Village of Colonie and other area school districts are getting together to help out families in the Middleburgh and Schoharie school districts, where many families have lost almost everything they have.

The idea came about at a recent board of education meeting when board member Brian Casey noted that the district was fortunate enough to weather the storm mostly unscathed and asked what could be done to help others not so lucky.

Casey said a supply drive would be a lesson in character education for the students, showing them how they can help a neighbor. Superintendent Jon Buhner made a call to the Schoharie Central School District to see what was needed. He learned that what residents needed the most were cleaning supplies, personal care item and baby care products.

“Jon called me and said, ‘We did it for people in Haiti, we did it for people outside of the country, let’s do it for our own,’” Casey said. “Basically, we don’t want kids bringing in chemicals like Clorox and spray cleaners. What we’re looking for is rubber gloves, mops, paper towels, face masks, personal care items like soap and deodorant.”

Buhner said South Colonie is coordinating with other school districts and seeing what Schoharie will need in terms of desks and chairs at Middleburgh Central School District. He said the secondary school had taken quite a hit during the storm. He said the district will provide a spreadsheet to the various districts as to what they’ll need.

“We’re waiting on them to see what they need.” Buhner said. “They’re really busy right now and have a number of priorities that need to be taken care of”.

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