Editorial: Sticking to our guns

Even politics is not safe. On Slate, which is considered a fairly hip magazine that does a lot of political coverage and commentary, the most popular political story in 2011 was not on geopolitical issues, the Occupy movement or the debt crisis, but was an article examining whether another publication’s cover art of Michele Bachmann was sexist.

And as usual, when it comes to what people are looking for on the web, Japan and Osama were both beaten out in overall searches by “American Idol,” “Kim Kardashian” and “Lindsay Lohan,” among other famous faces.

All of this is not intended to be simply a treatise on the state of the public conversation in this country. What’s interesting is that when we sat down and put together data from the past 12 months, we found our readers buck the trend. Along with our crime coverage and breaking news items were stories about local politics, sports and human interest.

While we’re putting a lot of effort into our online presence and making sure spotlightnews.com is with the times, what we’re finding is when it comes to local news and our readers there’s no need to play to the lowest common denominator. And we think that’s swell.

So as our staff members congratulate one another on a great showing at the annual New York Press Association awards, we’d like to extend our thanks to you, the reader. Thank you for reading, and moreover thank you for taking an interest in your community.

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