Town chips away at Chip Shots

— He cites a moment in October as further proof he had no indication there was any bad blood between him and the town.

“I called and asked if we were in good standing because I was acquiring $40,000 worth of simulating golf equipment. … I was assured that I was and I didn’t know there was any problems, so here I sit on April 9 having invested another $40,000 into the building that I basically renovated for the town some six years ago and continued to put money into.”

DeGeorge said his termination has repercussions that stretch beyond his own life. Residents and friends were clamoring to speak on his behalf at the April 5 meeting but he said “out of respect” for the town, only a couple would suffice.

Patricia Vardaro, a 53-year resident, has a personal stake in the matter. Her husband worked at Chip Shots but will now be out of a job.

“As a town resident and taxpayer, I hope someone can tell me who’s made the decision to put my husband out of a job and change the whole structure of my family,” said Vardaro, who said she has a child still in college. “I’m disappointed, embarrassed; I can’t even tell you the emotions I feel, but I think we deserve better, I think we deserve answers and I can honestly say at this particular moment, I’m not proud to be a town resident.”

Supervisor Paula Mahan said she “understood” Vardaro’s feelings but directed it to the legal department. Vardaro said that wasn’t acceptable.

“You have lessened our lives by taking away my husband’s paycheck. … We sure won’t be able to live in the house we live in on my paycheck, and I hope you can live with that because we can’t,” said Vardaro.

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