Letter: Keep Delmar area pedestrian friendly

Editor, The Spotlight:

As the weather becomes warmer and gas prices continue to rise, more Delmar residents are choosing to leave their cars in their driveways and walk to their destinations. On behalf of all pedestrians in town, I am making a to Bethlehem drivers: please pay attention and be aware of walkers. Recently, my daughter and I were crossing Delaware Avenue from Groesbeck Place at the crosswalk. We were lucky to have waited a couple of seconds after the “walk” light appeared and the beeping began, because soon after a car ran the red light, completely oblivious to the fact that we were standing there waiting to cross. Most drivers do not blatantly ignore traffic laws as this driver did, but there have been many more occasions that we have tried to cross at the crosswalk on Elsmere Avenue (across from St. Stephen’s Church) and cars have not stopped for us.

Walkers, please obey the pedestrian rules and utilize the crosswalks and drivers, please pay attention and be aware of your surroundings. This will ensure that Delmar is a pedestrian-friendly and safe town.

Jennifer Spore


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