Town bids Hernandez farewell

Nancy Hernandez, deputy supervisor of the Town of Colonie, is stepping down.

Nancy Hernandez, deputy supervisor of the Town of Colonie, is stepping down. Submitted Photo

— “If everyone steps back I think they can see the good we’ve done,” said Hernandez. “We are fiscally stable today, our budget is really good. We had to make sacrifices but who hasn’t? To e able to offer lowered property taxes with the economic downturn really speaks loudly about this administration.”

Hernandez said she’s also proud of improving safety within the town, specifically getting a sex offenders law passed, and increased government transparency.

“It may sound cliché but at any time you can ask us any questions, you can request any information and it’s there for you. It’s truly an open government, it is your right,” said Hernandez.

Growth within the town has boomed in recent years after the planning process was streamlined and Hernandez said she expects it to continue.

“There is growth going on. These projects, (they’re) being done right,” said Hernandez. “It’s responsible growth going on. … There’s still more area we’re looking at to say we want to see growth there too.”

Each accomplishment that holds personal meaning for her was done as part of a larger team, she said.

“It’s a team but as an individual I’m proud to be part of that,” said Hernandez.

She has two pieces of advice for her predecessor: be open-minded and remember who you’re serving.

“Keep an open mind, be fair, listen to all sides and put your feelings aside because this is not about you, it’s about the people,” said Hernandez. “Address the immediate issues. … hear it and address it.”

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