Beff's bags golf course food bid

— “I was under the impression this evening was going to be a discussion, a public forum. I didn’t realize you were going to already make the decision and what we say really doesn’t have any bearing on anything,” said Vardaro.

Maggiulli said under town law and based on state comptroller opinions, golf course food concessions don’t have to be competitively bid or be the subject of an RFP.

“Because of the nature of the business they can simply be awarded,” said Maggiulli.

Vardaro then took issue with whether it was appropriate for Gebauer to solicit food vendors and make a recommendation to the Town Board.

“How is this the decision left to the golf pro?” Vardaro asked.

Maggiulli said since he’s not a golfer, leaving it up to someone with years in the industry was a no brainer.

“That was left in Noel’s hands because he’s in the industry. … We listen to the opinions and recommendations of our experts. Noel is highly respected in the industry,” said Maggiulli.

“But, not an expert at food,” Vardaro said.

Supervisor Paula Mahan said she understood Vardaro’s frustration with her husband’s job loss and subsequent change in family dynamic.

“It’s a difficult decision but I don’t want you to think this is something that just came up and there were no issues involved because there were,” said Mahan.

Beff’s will sign a short-term agreement for a trial run.

“We’re looking to change to a seasonal type business rather than all year long because it’s not profitable for the town to be having this all year-round,” said Mahan.

The Town Board also said goodbye to Deputy Supervisor Nancy Hernandez, who is stepping down in the middle of her second term to take a job with the New York State Comptroller.

Mahan presented Hernandez with a proclamation and plaque to display in her new office, thanking her for her service to the town and highlighting her accomplishments.

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