Letters: Say ‘No’ to newest Thruway toll hike

Editor, The Spotlight:

Recently, the New York State Thruway Authority proposed a 45 percent toll increase for large trucks. Well, I say NO to the increase – our families and businesses cannot afford it.

I recently wrote a letter to New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli urging him to conduct an immediate and thorough audit of the Thruway Authority before any increases go into effect. I also wrote to Thruway Authority Chairman Howard Milstein asking him to withdraw the toll increase proposal.

Hardworking families will be the ones hit the hardest by the toll increase. By raising the cost to ship products, families will see a dramatic increase in the price of goods and food items. With the economy still struggling to recover and people already having a difficult time putting food on their table, the last thing they need is for the prices of basic necessities to go up.

An independent audit of the Thruway Authority would highlight areas for it to cut costs and reorganize. As of 2010, the authority has approximately 125 employees making over $100,000 per year and 430 employees making over $75,000 per year. State agencies should not be balancing their budgets on the backs of businesses and families, which is what the Thruway Authority is attempting to do with its proposed toll increase.

I ask everyone to join me in telling the Thruway Authority “NO” to these outrageous toll increases. Join me by submitting your comments by Aug. 24 to the address below:

Toll Comments

c/o Legal Department

200 Southern Blvd.

P.O. Box 189

Albany, NY 12201-0189

Comments can also be emailed to tollcomments@thruway.ny.gov.

Angelo Santabarbara

Candidate for State Assembly

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gmburdick 3 years, 3 months ago

I do not think that they should raise the tolls,it will put alot of people out of a jobs, because everybody that travels the thurway would find a different way to travel that they would not have to pay for.Because I know that other super highways that you travel do not cost anything,but I know that n.y. is just money hungery and what better way to get money than from people who have to work and pay to take this expensive highway,and alot of them can not affoared it now and our goverment is trying to get it to go up again. I say no to this hike find another way to get money that they do not even need.


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