Glenville plans upgrades at Maalwyck Park

Project totals $500k for “basic” park features; decade-old grant to be tapped

— Ramotar said he supports the project “100 percent” and fellow board members also expressed support. Also, he thought the project makes for a wise expenditure of parkland funds.

“It is doing everything to make Maalwyck Park a park of the 21st Century,” he said. “We want to be able to have parks in Glenville that people can use all the time. We want them to be accessible for residents of all ages and enjoy all the parklands that Glenville has to offer.”

Maalwyck Park was flooded during Tropical Storm Irene, but MacFarland said the upgrades wouldn’t be impacted by a future event.

“We are not building anything fragile,” he said. “We feel confident we can keep our plans intact and plan that occasionally there will be water on site.”

Areas where structures are planned would be raised slightly during development, he said. Also, a barrier could be built to prevent ice and debris from damaging the facilities.

Highland Soccer Club is the main user of the park, but Mekeel Christian Academy, Frisbee groups, adult soccer clubs, dog walkers, runners and electric powered airplane enthusiasts also use the land. After the park is further developed, Scotia-Glenville Youth Football and Lacrosse have expressed interest in using the park.

MacFarland estimated a typical, non-winter week sees between 1,000 and 1,500 people visiting the park.

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