Letter: Impatient drivers force a close call

Editor, The Spotlight:

This morning(Aug. 2 at 8:45 a.m.) as I was driving into work, I drove past the dog park on the Delmar Bypass and I stopped for a young girl(10 to 12 years old)on her bicycle who was crossing in the crosswalk at the Park and Ride lot.

She passed in front of me and God must have slapped her water bottle out of her hand because she stopped just in time to pick it up as an impatient jackass drove his car around me and missed striking her by a fraction of an inch. Thankfully, she froze because the moron in the second car who followed the first car clearly didn’t care she was there and flew past as I tried to stop him.

Neither of these guys stopped to check on her and kept on going. I hope whatever both of you were in such a hurry for was worth it because I know you saw the terror on that little face up close.

Robert Wise


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