Letter: Southworth a hard worker

Editor, The Spotlight:

Supervisor Patti Southworth of Ballston is one of our town’s best assets and hardest working elected officials. Here is the simple math. She devotes 50 hours a week on town business. Her salary at the town is $20,450 a year. That’s right, Patti makes $7.87/hour. Councilman Goslin makes $8,181 a year and has gone on record as working 4.99 days a month. Meaning he makes $22.77/hour. Not much value there.

I for one just want to say thank you Supervisor Southworth for your hard work and dedication to our community. When our town needs her, she is there. During this last 8 months of no bookkeeper, caused by no fault of her own, Patti took up the mantle and made sure the employees were paid and bills were processed. Remember, three town council members eliminated the position without regard for the town. When others play political games Patti is there to protect us.

Patti also works hard at the county level sitting on the Saratoga Board of Supervisors and five of its committees and one subcommittee. Not to mention her work at the state level to end unfunded mandates. Patti has also built working relationships with officials like Governor Cuomo, Senator Farley, Senator Roy McDonald, Assemblyman Jim Tedesco, Congressman Chris Gibson and Paul Tonko as well as Senator Kirsten Gilibrand and Chuck Schumer. She is able to bridge party line and bring people together. I am proud of Patti Southworth because she works for us.

Robert Pierce


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twopondsnorth 2 years, 10 months ago

Patti is becoming more and more respected by members of all political parties for the fair and even way in which she deals the residents. She makes choices, not to curry favor, but for the long-term good of the town. The more who see her and work with her, the more respect she earns. Contrast this to the behavior of three councilpersons who have consistently put the needs of a vocal and politically-connected few over the town. We now have solar laws to make one resident, who has since moved, happy. All that for a vote that won't be there in the future. I'm so glad to have someone who hears all sides, as opposed to those who merely listen.


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