Few days off from Ballston drama

Councilman questions supervisor’s hours worked

— “She works very hard,” he said. “Essentially, we have a part-time supervisor who is working or submitting the hours to New York State Retirement System for a year-and-a-third or almost a year-and-a-half worth of service for what is supposed to be a part-time job.”

Goslin said in a later interview he didn’t take a “good look at the form” when he approved Southworth’s work days at the July meeting. He called for the issue to be discussed at a Tuesday, Aug. 7, regular board meeting, during which the reporting system was explained.

“At this point, I am satisfied with the explanation that I’ve heard,” Goslin said on Wednesday, Aug. 8. He added he feels there still needs to be some investigation into Southworth’s hours to confirm that they do not have any further impact on the retirement system, and he plans on looking into it.

Southworth provided to The Spotlight hand written calendars of her hours worked from the two time periods the reports concern: January through March 2010 and January to April 9, 2012. During those periods, excepting a vacation in March of 2012, she reports taking eight days off and working anywhere from 27 to 51 hours per week for the town. She reports working anywhere from one or two to upwards of 10 hours on various days.

The Spotlight has filed a Freedom on Information Law request with the Town of Ballston for the reports of all five of the Town Board members submitted to the state, but as of press time had not received a response.

Southworth said her predecessor, Ray Callahan, also declared working full-time hours even though the position carries a $20,455 salary.

“The pay is actually that of a part-time supervisor,” she said.

As supervisor, she also sits on the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors, which is considered a full-time position, and draws about $18,000 a year from that county work. She reports those hours separately, and said she reports working at least 20 days for the county every month.

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twopondsnorth 3 years, 6 months ago

Can one imagine anything dumber than accusing a public official of working TOO many hours? Of course, much of the 80-100 hours Patti put in this winter is due to the fact that she was doing the bookkeeper's job, you know, the one who got fired for letting Bill hack her records. He brought the same thing up again this week. Big thanks to the Spotlight for FOIL-ing everyone's time sheets. Did Goslin log in his time at the office from 6-8 am when no one's there?


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