Few days off from Ballston drama

Councilman questions supervisor’s hours worked

— “My hours at the county, I’m already deemed a full-time employee so I’m already getting one year of service (through NYS Retirement),” Southworth said. “The only reason I enrolled in the retirement system was because New York State Retirement told me I had to. It was not optional.”

Southworth said she sees Goslin’s audit request as politically motivated.

“A couple of meetings ago I did say, ‘Let’s just lay it on the line, you want to be supervisor,’ … and he’d didn’t rebuttal me,” she said.

Goslin said that’s not the case.

“I have no plans to run for that. I have started a new position and a new career five months ago with CDPHP,” he said. “I’m very pleased here and absolutely have no plans to do anything but continue my term as councilman.”

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twopondsnorth 3 years, 1 month ago

Can one imagine anything dumber than accusing a public official of working TOO many hours? Of course, much of the 80-100 hours Patti put in this winter is due to the fact that she was doing the bookkeeper's job, you know, the one who got fired for letting Bill hack her records. He brought the same thing up again this week. Big thanks to the Spotlight for FOIL-ing everyone's time sheets. Did Goslin log in his time at the office from 6-8 am when no one's there?


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