Letter: Reinhardt represents changing tides

Editor, The Spotlight:

On Primary Day, Thursday, September 13th, Bethlehem’s Democratic voters will have a choice to continue the change that is happening in their Party, or step back to old style politics. Bill Reinhardt is the Town Board candidate who will continue the process of positive change.

For Bethlehem to be the best local government anywhere we need leaders that will put excellence in public service first and foremost. That means to set and follow a clear course for professionalism, openness, the willingness to do what is best for our Town in key areas such as fiscal sustainability, investment in our infrastructure, land use planning and modern and efficient government that will save taxpayer dollars. Bill Reinhardt will bring his lifelong professional experience in Green Energy initiatives, government administration and leadership to keep us on the best course for our Town.

In Bethlehem there is a changing tide in government and politics that is causing those in public office and those seeking it to put public service first. Voters have been demanding that elected officials back off on control for political purposes, work with and serve all people regardless of party affiliation, reach “across the aisle” in governing for the betterment of the greater good, and most importantly, understand that being an elected representative of the people is a high privilege, not a right. Bill is the candidate who believes in and will deliver this positive change.

Bill’s opponent, former Town Supervisor Jack Cunningham, represents a big step backwards to the “politics as usual” that Bethlehem voters rejected once, and do not want to return to again.

I also share concerns recently raised about possible conflicts of interest with Jack sitting in a Bethlehem Town Board seat at the same time as he holds the full time position of Public Works Commissioner for the Town of Colonie. When considering competitive grant applications, water supply decisions, state or federal funding for infrastructure and confidential Town executive session matters like labor management negotiations, just to name a few areas where these conflicts could arise, it would be difficult for anyone to avoid the perception of conflict, let alone the reality. I hope that Jack would not want to put Bethlehem or Colonie in a potentially difficult position by sitting in both seats? The many volunteer opportunities our Town offers afford Jack many ways to give back to our Town without putting his service in a potential conflict with his job in Colonie.

On Primary Day, September 13, please make sure to vote, and I urge you to cast your ballot for Bill Reinhardt, Bethlehem’s Democratic Town Board candidate for the future.

Sam Messina


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