The 2012 Spotlight Sports Survey results are in

What is your spending limit for a game ticket?

$10 or less – 6 percent

$20 – 31 percent

$50 – 38 percent

$100 or more – 25 percent

Despite the weak economy, the majority of responders are willing to plunk down $50 or more to see a game. Providing, of course, that the game is worth $50 or more to see.

When do you try to arrive at the venue to attend a game?

30-60 minutes before the start – 56 percent

Less than 30 minutes before the start – 25 percent

The start of the game – 19 percent

Doesn’t matter if you’re late – 0 percent

Our readers are early birds when it comes to attending games.

What is the best part about attending a sporting event?

The game itself – 63 percent

The sideline entertainment – 0 percent

Socializing with other sports fans – 6 percent

Spending quality time with family/friends – 31 percent

Clearly, cheerleaders and “kiss cams” are wasted on our readers. They want to watch the games and hang out with their family and friends.

How passionate are you when cheering for your team in person?

Borderline insane – 6 percent

Energized – 56 percent

Interested – 31 percent

Indifferent – 6 percent

It’s good to know our readers are enthusiastic without crossing the line into insanity.

How often do you call in to sports talk radio shows?

Frequently – 0 percent

Occasionally – 6 percent

Rarely – 19 percent

Never – 75 percent

According to our readers, this might be the time sports talk radio stations in our region consider a format change.

How interested are you in fantasy sports leagues?

Play in as many leagues as possible – 19 percent

Own one or two teams – 24 percent

Interested but haven’t done it – 19 percent

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