The 2012 Spotlight Sports Survey results are in

Couldn’t care less – 38 percent

Full disclosure: I played in three fantasy football leagues last year, and I’m trying to put one together for the fall to go along with the league I’m already in. I also have a fantasy baseball team that’s turned into a nightmare (come back, Troy Tulowitzki and David Ortiz).

How often do you bet on sports?

Frequently – 12 percent

Occasionally – 0 percent

Rarely – 38 percent

Never – 50 percent

Our readers tend to shy away from the type of activity that led to Pete Rose’s banishment from baseball.

Should athletes/coaches be held to a higher social standard than other people?

Yes – 44 percent

No – 56 percent

It was a close vote, but a slight majority of our readers say that coaches and athletes don’t deserve to be placed on a higher pedestal than the rest of us.

What should student-athletes be focused on?

Their sports – 6 percent

Their academics – 38 percent

Sports and academics equally – 56 percent

Our readers believe that student-athletes should live up to their titles and hit the books when they’re not on the field.

Overall, what role should sports play in society?

Pleasant diversion – 31 percent

Honored tradition – 56 percent

Purely business – 0 percent

Source of civic pride – 13 percent

Our readers still have an emotional tie to sports, even as it appears that sports are treated like a business at the highest levels of the collegiate and professional worlds.

I couldn’t let our readers get away from our survey without asking them for a few predictions.

Which area team will play in an NCAA Division I tournament this season?

UAlbany men’s basketball – 7 percent

UAlbany women’s basketball – 0 percent

Siena men’s basketball – 7 percent

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