Letter: DPW workers shone when making recent water main repairs

Editor, The Spotlight:

On Aug. 1, the water main in front of our home broke. Despite the fact is happened after work hours, the Bethlehem Department of Public Works responded quickly to the police request. For every step of the job an explanation of what was going on was given to us. The work was done with speed and care, and in a few hours the job was completed.

While doing the repair, it was noticed a connection to our home was an “accident waiting to happen.” We were informed that a crew would be back to fix the additional problem. Back they were on the Friday morning of the same week and again the work was done with care and speed.

While both crews did a great job, we failed to get the names of the Wednesday night crew to be able to publicly thank them. They know who they are, and they all have our thanks. Our second crew consisted of Mike Dole, Peter Andersen, Dan Dare and Joe Baldwin. They too have our thanks for a job well done.

My Mom had a saying which was often heard in our household:

Do a job big or small

Do it well or not at all.

When a job is ere begun

Never leave it ‘til it’s done.

This must be the motto for the BDPW men, since they really did a great job and were thoughtful enough to save us some future problems.

We are glad we live in Bethlehem for we have such considerate and quality workers in our town.

Henda and Sam Strasser


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