Letter: Reinhardt the indpendent choice

Editor, The Spotlight:

The primary election to be held on Sept. 13 presents Bethlehem Democrats with a unique opportunity to change course dramatically within the Democratic Party in a positive way.

The Party has endorsed former Supervisor Cunningham for the opening on the Town Board. Mr. Cunningham, in addition to his full-time position as Colonie Public Works Commissioner, serves presently as vice chairman of the Bethlehem Democratic Party. It should be apparent to independent-minded observers that the missions of the Democratic Party and the town are often in conflict. Would he, as a member of the Town Board, be serving the goals of this town or the political interests of the Democratic Party? Or perhaps the interests of his current political patrons in Colonie? Why not simply avoid that apparent conflict by selecting a candidate beholden only to the public?

There is a capable and balanced alternative candidate for the Town Board - Bill Reinhardt. Bill has vast experience in government, not as a political operator but rather focusing on environmental and city planning. He also has business acumen, having been involved both personally and professionally in environmentally friendly business development. Mr. Cunningham provided a valuable and tireless role in advancing the political stature of the Democratic Party in Bethlehem, but he and his hand-picked town officials have proven distinctly unable to move beyond their constant political gamesmanship. One needs only to read this publication regularly to see the adverse impact of this perverse dynamic.

Democratic voters will have other choices next month, as the Bethlehem Reform Democrats field a full slate of candidates for the Democratic town committee. While respectful of the efforts of those who have paved the way for Democratic political dominance in Bethlehem, it is now time to elect both town and party officials more mindful of the town’s effective governance. The Bethlehem Reform Democrats are committed to that goal and deserve the support of primary voters on Sept. 13.

Vince Moehringer


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