POV: A ghostly interest fortified

Fort Ticonderoga has a bloody past and great historical significance. Constructed in 1755, the fort is home to the bloodiest day of battle in American history prior to the Civil War. On July 8, 1758, nearly 2,000 soldiers were killed or wounded during a daylong battle while attempting to capture the fort from the French army. About 20 years later, during the American Revolution, thousands of soldiers died of sickness while defending the United States from a British invasion.

If you believe in ghosts, this place seems likely to be ripe with paranormal activity, though it isn’t exactly bubbling over with action. There were around two dozen people on our tour, so maybe it was too overwhelming for the spirits.

Also, parents please heed the “ages 10 and up” suggestion. One young boy, who clearly had begged his mother to take him, spent most of the time with his hands over his face or cowering near the brightest areas. His mother said he watches “all those ghosting hunting shows” on television, but apparently being on location and hearing the stories was a little too much.

Your tour group is also going to add or detract from the experience. If everyone turns off their smartphones and flashlights, you’ll hear the tales only with Fox’s dim light as a backdrop.

Getting to see the fort at night is also a unique experience, which is far different from the loud and bustling environment during normal operating hours.

The tour, which is in its third year, is only offered on Friday evenings during July and August, but a shorter version is offered with larger groups near Halloween.

There are still a couple offerings left this month and this year’s turnout will determine if it has a fourth run, so if you’re really interested it might be best to make a reservation now.

For information on Fort Ticonderoga’s Garrison Ghost Tour, visit the fort’s website, www.fortticonderoga.org, and place your pointer over the visit tab in the top menu bar. Then click on “what to see and do” from the drop down menu and from that page click on the link “special behind the scenes tour, evening tours.”

You could also just call 585-2821, which is also how you make a reservation for the tour.

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