Letter: Reform group’s claims have no merit

Editor, The Spotlight:

I have read more than one disturbing article from representatives of the Reformed Democrats. They call themselves the self professed majority; that is yet to be seen. They call the Democratic Committee closed and secretive, but when asked to join, they refused. But the most insulting is the insinuation that elective officials connected to the Democratic Party do not have the best interest of the residents at heart, only the party’s. I am your elected Town Clerk, A Democratic Committee person and secretary of the Bethlehem Democratic Party. I am proud of all of those titles. I serve all the residents with equal respect regardless of their affiliations. Your elected councilman conduct themselves in the same respectful manner. The Reformed Democrats accusations are without merit and they know it. I would also like to publically declare my support for Jack Cunningham for Town Board because as a friend I’ve come to know him as a dedicated, hard working, long time resident that cares deeply for this community. I am confident that he would represent all the residents equally.

Nanci Moquin

Bethlehem Town Clerk

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