Editorial: Time to make your voice heard... again

Let us be clear: much of this project is undoubtedly necessary. Having a roof cave in is simply not an option, and officials over at Bethlehem Town Hall can attest that wavering on making such repairs can result in unpleasant and costly disasters. Saying “make do for another year” is just not an option in many cases.

Marcy Velte reports this week a decision is slated for the month of January. That’s the deadline if the district wants to organize a March vote. It’s good to make sure this bond makes it to vote because as mentioned, waiting on some of these repairs is not an option. However, let us propose packaging this bond into the May budget vote, which will give the community more time to examine the new list of costs and will save voters time and money that would be spent on a second vote weeks from the regular budget referendum.

And to district residents: take time to learn about the bond and make your opinion on it known. The impact will not be unsubstantial — if the entire $26 million bond is adopted, the average homeowner would see a more than $60 tax hike.

Some would say you don’t have a right to complain if you don’t vote. But in this case, in which voters can only vote “yes” or “no” on a package, not on individual lines, that’s really only true if you don’t actually speak up.

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