Residents object to roundabout proposal

Opponents say Malta pedestrians would have to play game of ‘Frogger’

— In the report, it was concluded the two recommended roundabouts are a good choice and would reduce vehicle speeds, thereby reducing the number of accidents. It cites a study by the US Federal Highway Administration showing that there is a 78 percent reduction in severe crashes at roundabouts, a 48 percent reduction in overall crashes and a 40 percent reduction in pedestrian collisions.

Prior to the Dec. 3 public hearing, several residents along the Round Lake Road Corridor submitted to the town a petition with about 250 signatures opposing the roundabouts.

Town residents who added their signatures to the petition question the safety of a roundabout so close to the school. They are concerned about the ability of school children to safely cross to the other side of the road without a traffic signal bringing cars to a complete stop. The petitioners also recommended the study of traffic light controlled intersections and turning lanes.

Following the public hearing, Sausville said the next step will be to decide whether to incorporate the roundabouts into the master plan. That decision could come as soon as January, but no final decision on even going ahead with the project has been made.

“We have not decided on roundabouts, intersections with lights or even another alternative,” said Sausville. “We are still fact finding. Tonight’s public comments were very informative.

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ScottRAB 2 years, 11 months ago

The FHWA has a video about modern roundabouts that is mostly accurate (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhHzly... ). Modern roundabouts are the safest form of intersection in the world. Search www.iihs.org for FAQs and safety facts.

US schools with modern roundabouts nearby: Ladera Ranch Middle/Elementary School, Ladera Ranch, CA Pine Lake Elementary, Issaquah, WA Sunset Elementary, Bellevue, WA Cotton Elementary, San Antonio, TX Skyview Elementary, Clearwater, FL Sunflower Elementary, Lawrence, KS Fruitville Elementary, Venice, FL First Ward Elementary, Charlotte, NC Cherokee Elementary, Cincinnati, OH Truscott Elementary, Loveland, CO Randleman Middle School, Randleman, NC Eastview Elementary, Fenning and Meadow Oak, Monticello, MN

Have you checked out where most pedestrian crashes are happening in your city? Probably at traffic signals. It's easy to stop for pedestrians and avoid crashes at the 20 mph a modern roundabout operates at.


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