Ballston Highway Department to unionize

Town Board recognizes Teamsters, negotiations on contract to begin

— “I intend to go into this in good faith,” Southworth added. “It is my understanding with the members of the Highway Department that they just want to ratify what they already have and they will be negotiating in good faith.”

The full Town Board will have to vote on the labor agreement that the committee and the labor representative arrive at, but Southworth reiterated her belief the negotiations will be amicable.

“We have a good group of guys,” she said. “They are reasonable and they work hard.”

The Town Board entered into executive session on Dec. 4 to discuss the situation. Under the state’s open meetings law, a board can only enter into executive session for a specific list of reasons. One of them is for contract negotiations, but the topic of a contract has not yet been broached. Southworth voted against going into the executive session for this reason, but the four other board members were in favor of it.

Town Attorney Murry Brower said the executive session is legal as long as contract negotiations were mentioned.

“We are not doing contract negotiations, it’s just recognizing the Teamsters,” said Southworth.

“I think it’s connected, to some extent,” replied Brower.

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twopondsnorth 3 years, 1 month ago

Attorney Brower woke up just in time to avoid another actionable and illegal decision. Didn't mention that Goslin tried to claim he could appoint his own committee, nor that he proposed modifying a PUDD illegally through a board resolution. And the Planning Board Chair just beamed at his protege.another night in ballston


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