Rotterdam councilman says records being hidden

Godlewski claims exclusion from town business after FOIL, supervisor disagrees

— Town Supervisor Harry Buffardi said he wasn’t aware of when the document was created, but he didn’t believe any information was hidden from Godlewski.

“I am sure (Every) is not trying to withhold anything from him,” Buffardi said.

Buffardi said Godlewski has access to the same information he does and said if a document exists, he can access it.

“I know he has FOILed for some information that just doesn’t exist; that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have access to the information,” Buffardi said. “I think we have been more than fair. We have provided unlimited access and I am getting a little sick of entertaining arguments with him over things that don’t need to be argued.”

Buffardi said Godlewski appeared to be creating drama, but said he entertains debate.

“I think he likes to argue and I really think that some of this is contrived.” Buffardi said.

Godlewski contends he is just trying to do his job, and needs the requested information.

“They take it personally,” Godlewski said. “I will do my job and whether you like it or not, I cannot help that.”

Among the requests in Godlewski’s FOIL was an updated five-year financial plan, but town officials have said this can’t be created until the close of the 2012 financial year. He also asked for the reserved and unreserved fund balance figures for the general and highway funds in the 2013 budget as adopted.

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