Editorial: Maps go beyond the pale

The New York Observer even crafted a “20 Ugliest Gerrymandered Districts” slideshow after the maps were released. Most are from the downstate area, but each and every one belongs on the list, with district lines contorted in ghastly shapes to cut out one neighborhood while scooping up another halfway across town. In some instances, these are drawn for the sole purpose of placing two members of a political party into the same district, so they have to run against each other or move.

These maps would be amusing if they weren’t so shameful.

When it comes to the internal machinations of government — especially New York’s government — there’s rarely anything good to say. Perhaps the only dim, faint beam of hope in this sorry affair is that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has threatened to veto this plan if it lands on his desk. Fantastic. Hopefully this threat is not hollow.

But perhaps even better than a scolding from the governor would be an outcry from the public. If you’re unhappy with the way this redistricting has panned out, contact your legislator and tell him or her, in no uncertain terms, that the underhanded power games must stop in Albany.

Better yet, call the offices of the legislators who are sitting on the LATFOR. For the Assembly, John McEneny (455-4178) and Robert Oaks (455-5655); and for the Senate, Michael Nozzolio (455-2366) and Martin Malave Dilan (455-2177).

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