Nisky lawn debris fee official

Councilman spars with supervisor over fee implementation

— McKinney isn’t swayed and he said the fee is similar to a credit card customer setting up recurring payments for a specific amount of money each billing period.

“It is like a credit card scam … it is a small enough amount where you have a renewing bill and you don’t realize you are doing it,” he said. “If you make it small enough and it is recurring, is it right?”

Landry disputed McKinney’s comparison and said he doesn’t believe the fee is a scam. Landry also denounced McKinney for offering no budget amendments and not attending any of the Transportation Committee meetings during the six months the fee was discussed before the budget.

“For him to make that comment now is a little late. He had plenty of opportunities and he made no comments at all during the budget discussion about this,” Landry said. “He didn’t do his homework and he didn’t attend meetings and he didn’t say anything at the appropriate times.”

McKinney confirmed he didn’t attend any of the Transportation Committee meetings over the six-month period. He said the meetings were scheduled during the business day and since he works full time it is hard for him to attend the meetings.

“The idea that unless you were physically at a meeting you don’t get to provide input is ridiculous,” he said. “I used to try to make all those meetings and suggested if I could make a conference call.”

McKinney also said he had given input on the fee earlier and made suggestions for the budget even though he didn’t offer amendments, such as changing things within the Recreation Department to save money.

“I could make suggestions, but it is four against one, so I am not going to put a ton of effort in trying to convince people,” he said.

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