Letter: New building is 'monstrosity'

Editor, The Spotlight:

Remember Me? I wrote a few years ago when the new CVS was under construction to complain that it was too big and ugly for our quaint Delmar community. I was wrong! The now complete store is actually quite small and attractive...especially when you compare it to the monstrosity that is now being built next door to it on the corner of Elsmere and Delaware.

A few questions come to mind when I drive by this new building. How did a building this size in the heart of our town win approval by our planning board? Could it possibly be any closer to the road? What services or stores are going to be housed in this new building that couldn’t already be found within a 5-mile radius of this location? Where will the cars park (please don’t tell me a parking garage will soon be erected on the footprint of the old CHP medical building)?

Yes, this new project supports a local construction company, and yes we probably will be able to drive a mile less to get a Grande mocha latte! However, with each new building that pops up like this one, we come one step closer to losing the small town charm of our Tri-Village area forever.

On a more positive note, we need only to look across the street to see how the character of our town can be preserved while we continue to change and grow. The new bank in the old Saratoga Shoe Depot looks terrific!

Mark E Lyons


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