POV: Remembrance doesn't come once a year

The writer is head of classifieds and the business directory at Spotlight Newspapers.

Imagine, if you will, only contacting your mother on Mother’s Day. Giving a gift to your loved ones only on Christmas. Calling a friend, only on their birthday. Do you know that you can buy a dozen roses any day of the year? (And probably spend less than what you are charged on Valentine’s Day.)

We have exploited holidays and turned the true meanings into a materialist frenzy. Don’t get me wrong, I too indulge in the holidays and at times get caught up myself. Yet, I do take to heart the true meaning of them all. Thanksgiving should be every day, because we all have a reason to give thanks every day.

I believe that as a kid, we just followed the crowd. Halloween, for instance. It was just cool and “normal” to dress up and go from house to house receiving candy and other treats. It was “normal” on New Year’s Eve, to have black-eyed peas, collard greens, fish and stay up late.

Now that I am older, I see Halloween in a different light, and a pizza is more satisfying to me than the favorite food of old on New Year’s Eve!

My dad used to play tricks on my brothers and me the entire month of April. I thought I was being “smart” one day, after being the victim of a prank, by reminding him April Fools Day was April 1 and since it had passed, his pranks should too. My father quickly corrected me by stating that it is April Fools’. That meant that the month of April was ripe for pranks!

I mention all of this because this is February, now nationally known as Black History Month. For me, it’s not just about acknowledging the accomplishments, struggles and stories of my ancestors during this time. It’s about celebrating!

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