Letter: No such thing as free money when it comes to solar power array

It should be recognized that the present federal and NYS incentive programs for these low efficiency systems are economically unsustainable and amount to a scam that would make Bernie Madoff jealous. Local government is not responsible for the attributes of this scam. Please contact your state legislators to reject the SREC bill; your federal legislators to eliminate or reduce the tax credits and avoid another SOLYNDRA; and NYSERDA to reduce their credits until solar cell efficiencies of at least 40% are attained. The money should go to solar cell and manufacturing R&D efforts. Even NYSERDA, a participant in this scam, now recognizes that the SREC bill is too expensive for utility customers. All of the power generated should go to the local communities to partially compensate their taxpayers. There are ample incentives for installers/owners.

Thomas J Donohue PE

Donohue Energy Consulting


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