EXCLUSIVE: Legislator claims run for office led to firing

Santabarbara was fired from Chazen one day after disclosing Assembly plans

Amedore has said he’s weighing a possible state Senate bid if a new seat is created through redistricting, or if there is a vacant Senate seat. Redistricting efforts could potentially impact Santabarbara’s Assembly bid.

A sudden sit down

Santabarbara said he has never received any negative comments during performance reviews or otherwise, so he was baffled when his position at Chazen was eliminated.

“Everything up to this point indicates I have been doing an excellent job,” Santabarbara said. “I have never had a negative comment said or recorded. … There is no document out there saying that I was doing anything wrong.”

When Santabarbara was dismissed from his position at Chazen, he was presented with an Agreement and General Release, which he provided to The Spotlight. The agreement released any claims against the employer or employee. Also, both parties would agree to not make any negative statements about each other, with a general confidentially over the agreement. Severance pay equal to four weeks of Santabarbara’s salary was attached to the agreement.

Santabarbara did not sign the agreement and said he doesn’t intend too, but he does have until March 14 to sign it.

Santabarbara also pointed to Chazen approving his presence at the Capital District Celebration of National Engineers Week conference at the Marriott in Albany, which was held Feb. 16 and 17.

“It seems like they didn’t have intentions of [firing me], or why would you have set up the conference?” he said.

Santabarbara provided The Spotlight with documentation showing Ardman approved his attendance at the conference, and an email confirming his registration at the conference. No refund for cancellations could be made after Feb. 9.

Santabarbara had also been scheduled to appear at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Exploring Engineering Day on Saturday, Feb. 18.

“Angelo L. Santabarbara, PE, affiliated with the Chazen Companies will speak to students and their parents about the role of a civil engineer, and some of the projects that the Chazen Companies has been worked on in the region,” read a press release from RPI.

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ElizabethM 3 years, 11 months ago

I can't believe that this politician is crying again. He constantly appears in almost all of the Spotlight issues showing "concern" for this or that, now is is pretending that he is a victim. It is so typical of a politician to play the victim card. Mr. Santabarbara, millions of Americans have lost their jobs and you want us to believe that you are the only one suffering in this Obama economy where zero growth is the new norm? Please. At least you have a salary from your political job with the New York City democrats that run Schenectady County. Now go run for higher office and be the next do-nothing, smile-always Paul Tonko.


davidc 3 years, 11 months ago

Maybe it's because, as County residents learned.... when he ran for County Leg as a Republican, got elected, then immediately switch to Democrat... that he just can't be trusted.


Denise43 3 years, 11 months ago

Mr Santabarbara is the victim. It sounds like he did not just lose his job, but he was fired for his political status. Did you read the article? Shame on you Chazen! Corruption identified once again!


LaurieS 3 years, 11 months ago

All I know is that Mr. Santabarbara has NEVER voted to raise my taxes since he's been in office, I hope you get to the Assembly and do the same there, things like this only make us Stronger!!


PeterG 3 years, 11 months ago

I don't particularly like the guy...Haven't voted for him since he was a Republican and won't likely vote for him for Assembly. But, if he was fired because he decided he'd run for office, that is absolutely inexcusable and I hope he sues! Our government is only as good as those running for office and Chazen has done our State a great disservice by trying to eliminate an individual's right to run for office.


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