Making orthodontics unordinary

New Ballston Spa doctor heading to the schools, getting involved in community

Dr. Burlingame visits many area schools and presents information about dental health.

Dr. Burlingame visits many area schools and presents information about dental health.

SCL is a national program giving affordable options too rthodontic care for those who may not be able to afford it.

“I heard about SCL through an annual meeting ofo rthodontists… The patients I have screened thus far have not been quite readyfor braces (waiting for baby teeth to fall out), so most likely I expect I will end up treating a future screening patient before them,” she said.

According to Andrea Umbreit, director of marketing and communications for SCL, the program served 750 patients in need of orthodontic care in 2011. “Our goal for this year is 900 patients,” she said.

“Nationwide we have 600 orthodontists, we reach out to them through trade shows and state or regional associations…Also, if there is a patient in need of services and there isn’t aprovider in their area, we’ll contact an orthodontist in that area. We’ve been pretty successful with that as well,” said Umbreit.

SCL was founded in 1998 by Virgina Brown, who as a child did notr eceive orthodontic care when she needed it. Instead, her sister received care first and Brown had to wait until she was in high school to be treated. As aresult, she dealt with teasing during her childhood and vowed to help children in need one day if she could.

According to Umbreit, SCL is funded through corporate sponsors,and private donations. “We also have the parents (or caregivers) pay $500 (orsome other portion) of the cost. This gives them a vested interest in the care,” she said.

Burlingame said technology has come a long way in recent years, which makes a big difference when dealing with kids.

“The wires that weuse in modern orthodontics exert very light continuous forces on the teeth. That together with modern bracket design makes orthodontic treatment a much different experience than it may have been in the past.”

Dr.Burlingame treats children and adults and is located at 220 Church Ave, Suite2.

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