Letter: Dog owners should be more responsible

Editor, The Spotlight:

Why is it that some pet owners think that they are entitled more than other pet owners. Why do some practice common sense and responsibility than others. It’s true you know! I know this not by any official survey of questions rather by using my good old fashioned skills of observation. I’ve been blessedly endowed by this as well as my common sense.

I consider myself a responsible pet owner. My mistake is that i think that every pet owner is also responsible. Not true! I leash my pet and pick up after her. She is a lovely puppy and i am sure she appreciates my attention to her well being. However i can’t say the same of others.

While i obey Colonie’s law that pets must be leashed and owners must pick up after them there seems to be a kind of voluntary amnesia by other pet owners when using Colonie’s parks. After all there are clear posted signs stating this. Or is it just a simple blatant disregard for the law. Or is that they narcissistically believe that their pet does not need to be leashed because “nothing will happen.” Tell that to the poor unleashed German shepherd puppy that unexpectedly ran up to a leashed dog and was bitten. The leashed dog did what came naturally ... protecting her owner. I wonder if that pet owner will now leash his shepherd. Human nature being as it is i would venture to guess no!.

So ... for all those “responsible” pet owners who leash and pick up after their pets I say “good for you.” Continue what you do. You are not alone. There needs to be more of an active role in identifying those “entitled” pet owners and informing the Village/Town. For those who continue not to leash their dog or to pick after them be aware that you are being watched by responsible pet owners.

Alan Druckman


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