Big-box busts

Police say the number of calls to Glenmont Walmart is actually pretty low considering store size and traffic

The Wall-Mart in Glenmont on Route 9W.

The Wall-Mart in Glenmont on Route 9W. Photo by Spotlight Staff.

— Diana Gee, a corporate spokeswoman for Wal-Mart Stores who works with the company’s Asset Protection Team, said the Glenmont location gets thousands of weekly visitors.

“You have to put it in perspective of the sheer number of customers we have,” she said. “We put a lot of resources into our loss prevention units because we want to provide a safe and secure shopping environment. Unfortunately, criminal activity happens in every community so we have to take it seriously. We try to stop them so those individuals don’t attempt that same crime at other area businesses.”

Records show in the past two calendar years, there was one attempt to steal a laptop from a display case, two attempts to steal televisions and 17 reported incidents of purses, wallets, or cell phones being stolen. One female shoplifter was seen in an aisle unwrapping CDs, and someone attempted to rob the bank or ATM inside Walmart four times.

Some of the thefts also involved employees.

There were six employee-related theft calls in two years. One attempted to steal nearly $20,000 worth of merchandise, according to police records.

“I can tell you one reason that (Walmart) does get a high number of arrests is they do have a very good loss prevention team that works very closely with us and the officers responding,” said Heffernan. “Whereas other areas of town may not have as good loss prevention. So is it that they don’t have theft or they don’t have someone there to prevent it?”

According to police records, there were a total of 16 violence-related calls over two years, with two sexual assault incidents and one drug-related call. Another was for an overdose.

Heffernan said the number of drug-related calls was “very low.” And violence isn't their main concern at the store.

There was an attempted rape in the parking lot in November of 2011.

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