Timeless tapping

The Timeless Tappers put on a holiday show.

The Timeless Tappers put on a holiday show. Submitted Photo

— “My time as a Rockette was very enjoyable,” said Murphy. “One of the costumes I had worn was designed by a designer for Cher. … We did 300 kicks in one dance.”

Sharing her experiences and skills with the Timeless Tappers is special, she said.

“I think they do a wonderful job. I’m very proud of what they’ve done during my time with them,” said Murphy. “For a maturing population, I think they show how you can really mature gracefully and still be able to do a lot of things.”

Up until a few months ago, the oldest Timeless Tapper was 79. Engelhardt said it’s something members do until they physically can’t do it anymore.

“The exercise itself is habit forming. Once you start on a regimen you really want to keep it going because it makes you feel better in the long run,” said Engelhardt. “We’re all in pretty decent shape because of the tap dancing, and sometimes you just can’t tell how old everybody is.”

It’s a good excuse to socialize, too.

“The camaraderie is very nice,” said Engelhardt. “As you get older, your circle of friends shrinks and the tap dancing is a way to embellish the senior years that you have.”

Engelhardt still dances when she can, but sometimes health issues make dancing too painful. Instead, she’s taken up the role of doing publicity for the group and had a friend create a website, which has brought the Timeless Tappers some surprising attention.

“The website gets roughly 2,000 people a day on average visiting it. My friends tells me that the website itself is very popular in Europe. He says sometimes something cute or charming or camp like that goes over big,” said Engelhardt.

Timelesstappers.com gives all the performance dates, bios of dancers, pictures and general information.

Engelhardt said the group welcomes and encourages newcomers.

“If you like to dance, please come join the class,” said Engelhardt. “It’s a fun thing because we don’t have one of those heavy-handed teachers. She just likes to have as much fun as we do.”

For more information about becoming a Timeless Tapper or to check out a class, visit www.colonieseniors.org.

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