Lawn debris fee raked out

Nisky residents accepting of new charge, worried about implementation

— She also said municipalities charging fees for services is probably going to be a continuing trend. Even though she hires a private company to do the same work, she said she’d pay the fee as an “insurance policy” towards yard debris being picked up.

“I think this is the wave of the future. I think we are going to need to do this more, because of the problem we now have with the (tax cap),” Rizzo said. “It is much more difficult I think to just have people that want it to sign up, because I think people will forget and then they are going to be upset … when their twigs and things aren’t picked up.”

Lorene Zabin, a Brookshire Drive resident, said she would probably pay the fee, but expressed discontent over a new fee being tacked onto an existing service.

“What concerns me is if we can so brazenly start raising fees on services I feel that any administration can start to look at any service and start to implement a fee for what we are paying taxes. It isn’t a big assessment, I understand that, but I think it is just the principle of the thing,” Zabin said. “How do you establish a fee for a service that we have already paid for in our highway tax?”

A majority of the Democrat-controlled Town Board has weighed in favorably on the new fee, which is planned to be voted on during the board’s next meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 25. If approved, residents would have until the March 15 deadline to waive the fee.

Jonetta Darcy, a Whitney Drive resident, said she only would use the service two to three times a year, but plans to pay the fee. She viewed the new expense in a slightly different light, though.

“I will probably pay the fee and I will think of it as charity,” said Darcy.

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