POV: Sometimes you have to buy the milk

The writer is a junior at Skidmore College and recently completed an internship at Spotlight Newspapers.

From a young age, we are exposed to numerous types of advertisements, whether they are from the radio, television or a publication or the Internet, to name a few. Considering the widespread presence of advertisements, it is understandable how much they influence our decisions, even when we seemingly aren’t aware of it.

Overall, advertisements are beneficial to both businesses and consumers. However, with ever-evolving technology, we find new ways to bypass them. By doing this, we damage an important part of all businesses and consumers unknowingly isolate themselves.

It’s not a recent occurrence that people are finding ways to bypass commercials and other advertisements. Since recording television shows has become more common, consequently so has skipping the commercials. Now with digital cable, which often has a digital recording feature built in with most packages, and other television services similar to it, such as TiVo, recording programs is simpler, resulting in easier ways to skip over commercials.

Of course, we don’t record shows for the commercials, so when we use digital recording, we miss out on what would be advertised since we’re more interested in getting back to our show, causing companies to waste time and money. Admit it—I know I skip the ads when I feel impatient.

With TV advertising, once a best option for companies wishing to reach consumers, becoming less effective, where are advertisers to turn? The Internet seems like a good choice since it’s global, a great population uses it and all websites are always looking for funding.

On paper, it sounds like a fine idea, but the Internet has its own tools that users implement to rid websites they visit of ads, which are sometimes minding their own business in the corner. The most noteworthy of these tools is Adblock, which has been downloaded over 120 million times. As the name suggests, it prevents any ads outside of video ads, the ones seen on Youtube before a video being an example, from being seen by users on any website they visit.

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