POV: Sometimes you have to buy the milk

Although we think we’re doing ourselves a favor by clearing these ads from websites, we are actually blocking ourselves from information that could be useful. Just as we learn about new products from television ads, Internet ads serve the same purpose, despite their notorious reputation of being “pop-ups” or leading to scam websites that causes identity theft or computer viruses.

The truth is, on reputable websites such as Youtube or Hulu, the ads on the side or the ones that show up before the video are paid for and created by businesses, just the ones seen in The Spotlight. Using Adblock is the equivalent to receiving the Spotlight with blank areas where the advertisements of the local, dependable businesses would be located.

In both cases, those advertisements enable supply of the content the user wants.

Take time to think of any valuable advertisements you’ve seen over the years. Everyone has seen ads that have influenced some decisions in their lives, one way or another. Just because we have the ability to prevent ourselves from seeing these ads does not mean we should do so.

Businesses are at a disadvantage with all this technology since with a portion of their target market blocks them out. This has forced advertisers to use new tactics to reach the consumer. The most notable tactic is attempting to appear on the first page of results from search engines, like Google, when their specific product or service is searched. This tactic is limited to larger companies, however, and requires more time and analysis to create useful ad placement.

As consumers, we are isolating ourselves by avoiding ads, never learning of new products that could interest us. So please, even just for a moment, watch the commercials or take a look at the ads on your favorite websites. You may find something that appeals to you after all.

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